Tenants – Second Class Citizens in Condos

January 2019

Tenants are frequently viewed as second class citizens in condo buildings.

Some condo corporations do not allow tenants to participate on committees.

It is unfortunate that some condo boards of directors have the attitude that condo owners are good and tenants are bad.  This attitude may come from a false belief that those who purchase a property take better care of their investment.

Many condo owners are difficult to deal with, fail to comply with condo rules and are bad neighbours.  Ownership for many may mean that the bank actually owns the property.  In practice, many tenants are better custodians of a condo and common areas than condo owners.

Even condo corporations having difficulty getting owners to participate on the board or committees will not allow highly competent and qualified tenants to participate.

The reality is that a capable tenant serving as a condo director or on a committee is better than a disinterested or inexperienced owner.

Good condo boards seek involvement by the best qualified individuals available.  It should not matter if these individuals are owners or tenants.