Ten Years Later – Condo Information and Resources

August 2022

Recently a newspaper journalist lamented about how his newspaper is only read by those over 50.

Ten years ago, Toronto Condo News began during a time when newspapers and magazines were on the decline.  Many have since closed up or are much smaller. Toronto Condo News continues to grow.

Magazines and newspapers provide a way to filter through noise and focus on what matters.  A journalist who takes the time to research and write about a topic provides greater value than someone spouting an opinion or selling product.  The journalist is more likely to present a balanced perspective and less likely to omit relevant information to make their position appear stronger. Toronto Condo News continues to believe in the importance of this approach.  Nearly all published articles are written internally.  We reach out to experts for their perspective and weave their insights into our articles.

Many prefer a magazine for obtaining information.  The electronic format reaches more people than print, and can more easily be distributed to others in their community – condominium manager, directors and residents.  Some prefer reading individual articles rather than a full magazine. Toronto Condo News’ articles, once published in the magazine, are posted individually and indexed on the internet so they are easily found.  For those who require assistance dealing with a matter, we provide easy access to high-rise vendors and service providers in Condo Resource Guide at the bottom of each article.

Electronic devices range from a smartphone to a desktop computer or oversize monitor displayed in a lobby or meeting room.  We’ve taken steps to ensure our content is accessible and displays appropriately on any electronic device, easily distributed, and can be printed.

All of this is a far cry from traditional magazines in the condominium space that seek free content from vendors, is distributed in print form and rarely read.

When Toronto Condo News first published, it competed in the Toronto area with at least four magazines and half a dozen regular blogs.  Today, only two other magazines remain – CondoVoice and CM Magazine.  Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), publisher of CondoVoice, describes its mandate as “representing all facets of the condominium community”.  In 2017, we opined that “This rather general mandate may become less relevant in light of the newly established CAO, its mandate and standards.  As the CAO grows and establishes its authority, CCI –Toronto may require some retooling to remain relevant.”   CM Magazine is published by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO).  In 2017, Toronto Condo News commented that “ACMO may need to revisit its mandate and purpose to remain relevant” after the province took control over registration and training of condominium managers.

During a time when the condominium market in Toronto and the GTA has seen dramatic growth, both publications and organizations have failed to understand the changing nature of communications and education.

Toronto Condo News has grown in size, readership and resources.  We recognize that the nature of communications has changed and have been rewarded with a high level of readership and distribution not only in Toronto and the GTA but throughout Ontario, Canada and around the world.  The increasing number of advertisers that find and choose to work with us allow our publication and resources to continue growing.

Ralph Nadar has impacted on more lives than virtually any other person.  His focus was consumer protection.  He founded Public Citizen which expanded his focus to include energy problems, health care, tax reform and other consumer issues.  Mr. Nadar forced the automobile industry to establish safety standards for new cars which eventually came to include air bags.  His studies resulted in stricter controls in coal mines, meat and poultry industry, and natural gas pipelines.  Because of Mr. Nadar, every cigarette package includes a safety warning which eventually led to restrictions on smoking in restaurants, offices and public buildings.

While our goals are not nearly as extensive, Toronto Condo News intends to continue informing and educating on matters impacting on condominium and high-rise living and management.  In this endeavour we recognize that 20 percent of good residential building management is technical.  We know what should be done.  The 80 percent challenge is utilizing known best practices. Toronto Condo News focuses on this 80 percent by finding ways to share best practices and insights with growing numbers of condominium directors, managers, owners and residents.

Our multi-faceted approach provides those who reside in and manage high-rise communities with access to information and vendors to make their home environment thrive.