Tell the Truth

February 2019

Telling the truth is the best policy.  It is easier to tell the truth than be forced to recall, support and substantiate past lies.  Resident communications that fail to disclose the truth are one sign of a condo board that feels it is better to mislead residents.

One Toronto area condo corporation replaced their security company.  Residents were aware of security problems from high employee turnover, failure to adequately control building access and access to parking area by non-residents over an extended period.

High turnover of security staff is certainly a good reason to replace a security company.  Failure to adequately control building access and access to a parking area by non-residents are generally the fault of a condo board failing to provide proper direction or management failing to follow board direction.

In this situation the condo board may have felt it was easier to blame the terminated condo security company for problems of the board.  They distributed a misleading communication that stated “XXXXXXXXXX brings “Resident Parking Management Software” which provides Parking Permit Solutions and License Plate Recognition; this will significantly reduce vehicles that do not have authorization to enter the parking garage and vehicles that do not have visitors parking permits.”

While the cited technology may indeed provide value, similar features exist in condo management software in place at the building.  Implementing these features, and ensuring enforcement of condo rules, is a responsibility of the condo board not to be blamed on an outgoing condo security firm.

While there may have been problems with the outgoing security company, there may be more pressing concerns about the condo board and its ability to manage.