Technology Improves Condo Living

January 2019

Technology will likely be adopted more quickly in high-rise condos than in any other form of housing.

High-rise condo dwellers already enjoy faster internet access than those residing in single family homes.  Even faster access is coming soon.  This will allow condo dwellers to adopt and benefit from technologies that continue to improve our lives.

Consider some of the ways technology has changed our lives over the past ten years:

  • Many no longer own a landline.
  • Many rely entirely on downloading or streaming for movies and entertainment. Video stores have disappeared.
  • Cash is used for fewer purchases; possibly less than 10% of all purchases. Tap and pay, Presto and online payments are now the norm for transit, taxis/Uber and vehicle rentals.  The threat of armed robbery is lower as fewer people carry large amounts of money.
  • The smartphone is a telephone, camera, payment system, internet access and computer.
  • Paper and voice mail have been replaced with e-mail, text, chat services, internet and self-serve online information systems.
  • Most people rarely use paper tickets for admittance to a concert or movie, or stamps for postage.

Technology adapts in ways that change our lives and behaviour.  Any technology that improves our lives will be accepted and grow in popularity.  These technologies assist us as we age by providing health, convenience and entertainment benefits.

Condo directors that embrace this technological revolution provide benefits and lifestyle enhancements to condo residents sooner than they can be provided to the remainder of the population.