Technology for Independent Senior Living

April 2020

Condo living can be ideal for seniors that desire independent living without the challenges of home ownership and maintenance.  Elevators, wide doorways, social activities and fewer home ownership obligations are all part of the appeal.

Technology offers additional assistance.

Alert Systems

Numerous products and services will contact family or health professionals in an emergency.  Most provide a necklace or watch with a button to push when assistance is needed, or automatic notification when a fall is detected.  Sonamba Alert System monitors motion and sound in the home and will send periodic wellbeing alerts to family cell phones


Simplified Smart Phones

Jitterbug and Blu Joy come with bigger icons, larger buttons and fewer choices.






Easier Cleaning

Single floor condo living simplifies cleaning.  A robot vacuum cleaner makes it even easier.





Automated Pill Dispensers

Organize up to 30 days of medication.  Receive visual and audible reminders.