Technology Adoption Increases during Covid

October 2022

Condominium communities, generally slow to adopt technology, have looked to it for solutions to the challenges of Covid.

Health, safety and cleanliness have become more important.  We take greater care ensuring the air we breath is clean and safe.  Ventilation systems have been enhanced by high quality filters that remove more contaminants from the air before it is recirculated.

Daily cleaning has been augmented by use of sanitizer and disinfectant combined with enhanced cleaning regimens.

Physical distancing has been facilitated by condo management software.  Residents and management can communicate via an integrated system that records resident communication and service requests, and management responses or actions.  Amenities and elevators can be booked by residents without direct interaction.  Access to exercise equipment and recreational spaces can be booked with records retained for potential contact tracing.  Packages can be received and recorded, with residents being informed on their arrival.

Much of this is simply better adherence to what were always best practices.  Covid had increased our awareness of them and will hopefully be retained as the Covid threat subsides.