Successful Social Committees – Letter to the Editor

February 2024

I’m looking for support on how to have a successful condominium social committee.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a Condo Board who supports the idea and the value of a community social group.

Any direction or guidance on this subject would be very much appreciated.

M. B.

Response from Toronto Condo News

A social committee and the programs they offer are important to individual residents, and facilitate a greater sense of community.  Many residents choose their building because of the social component that is offered.

One of the first articles published by Toronto Condo News was about one community’s award because of social programming.  You can read Atrium II – Condominium of the Year in the Condo Archives.

Committees are established by the board and operate consistent with a corporation’s governing documents.  While it is possible to establish a Social Committee without support of the Condo Board, succeeding is difficult.  A social committee not sanctioned by the board would probably not be allowed to post notices in the building or send electronic communications to all residents through the management office or electronic communication system.  They would have to develop and maintain an independent system for communicating with residents.

An unsanctioned social committee would not have a budget for running programs.  Funds for providing activities and food would have to be provided by residents.  Unsupported by the condo board, there may be rental and/or clean up fees charged for use of activity spaces.

While you state that you “don’t have a Condo Board who supports the idea and the value of a community social group” this can change if owners are prepared to elect directors that commit to the establishment of a social committee and provide  resources.  The cost is negligible, does not require board involvement, and provides visible evidence of a condo board’s interest in maintaining an active community.

There is strength in numbers.  You may want to consider presenting the board with a signed petition requesting they formally establish and support a Social Committee.  Should they remain unconvinced, the Condo Act allows owners to require the board to call an owner meeting to discuss an issue such as the need for and establishment of a Social Committee.  This would allow your community to gauge interest in and support of this effort.

With sufficient owner support, you should be able to convince your board of the merits to establishing a Social Committee.

Best of luck with your efforts.