Standard Lease for Condo Rentals

April 2018

Any condo owner in Ontario leasing their unit will be required to use a standard lease effective April 30, 2018.

The new lease is written in plain language.  It includes basic information such as names and addresses, total rent, due date, and terms or rules about the rental unit and building.  It outlines rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants to clarify what can and cannot be included in a lease.

The intent of the standard lease is to reduce confusion about terminology in the lease, ensure landlords don’t include illegal restrictions and that improper fees are not charged.

The use of a standard lease is expected to prevent the banning of guests or pets.  It includes a section for landlords that do not want tenants to smoke in the unit.  There is a section where “additional items” can be added.

The standard lease should be helpful to landlords who no longer have to determine what must be included in a lease.  A standard lease guide accompanying the standard lease will be available in 23 languages.

Click here to access the new Standard Lease.

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