Spring Cleaning for Condo Communities

May 2017

Condo residents, directors and managers need to work together to maintain the condo home. One of the annual tasks that should be undertaken is a general review of the property. Some call this a spring cleanup although the condo property does require a little more effort.

The overall cleanup entails determining what areas require repair, replacement, updating or clean-up. Springtime is the best time for this to occur since cold weather or water damage is more easily seen and repairs can be undertaken prior to heavy rains or humid weather.

Financial Records

Archive corporation records from the prior fiscal year. Storing all financial statements, bills, deposit records and cheque copies in one place makes it easier to track down in the future or make available for an audit.

External Property Walk Through

Landscaping, concrete and asphalt should be inspected and necessary maintenance identified. Driveways, parking areas, sidewalks and entrances may require maintenance after being exposed to salt and plows during the winter. Dead plants, damaged tree limbs and grass are typical winter season damage that may require maintenance as the weather improves.

Identify areas that require painting and get this work done before summer humidity arrives.

Speed bumps, barriers, fences and utility boxes should be inspected. Don’t allow faded paint to make your property look old and outdated.

For outdoor swimming pools pipes, waterlines and pumps should be checked for leaks. Decks may need to be sealed or damaged tiles repaired. Pressure cleaning will remove dirt and grime from use or the elements. Caulking may need to be resealed.

Internal Walk Through

Lobbies, hallways and common areas should be inspected. Walls, floors and furniture should be checked for dirt or damage. Repair carpets and walls. Ensure lights are functional. Window coverings should be in good condition. Informational signs throughout the property should be properly posted.


Clear downspouts, gutters and catch basins of leaves and debris prior to spring rains. Drainage is particularly important during heavy rains to prevent flooding and water infiltration.

Resident Reminders

Use your communication systems to remind residents about their spring cleaning responsibilities – inside windows, caulking, filters and vents. Remind them to clear out balcony and parking space clutter. Inform residents of scheduled common area cleaning dates for windows, carpets and parking areas.

Update Emergency Preparedness Plan

Review your plan and update it as appropriate. Lists of those requiring or rendering emergency assistance may need to be updated. Update outdated resident communication lists.