Snow Removal Tips

December 2014

Excessive ice and snow, along with careless snow plowing and some de-icing materials, can result in premature deterioration of infrastructure. Parking areas, above and below ground, are particularly susceptible.

Protect your condo by protecting the infrastructure from damage.

When removing ice or snow from outside areas, avoid dropping or dragging sharp or heavy objects such as a snow plow shovel with a steel blade. Attaching a rubber cutting edge to the shovel or utilizing a power brush should prevent damage.

Covered garages and garage roofs should not be overloaded with snow. It is best to completely remove snow from these areas. Snow left in these areas can become dense and turn into ice. This can cause the surface road to crack and speed up deterioration of the garage.

When snow is pushed aside, find a location where water from melting snow will not travel over driving surfaces where it could freeze.

Some de-icing materials can damage concrete. These include sodium chloride, potassium chloride and calcium chloride. If these materials leak beneath

the waterproofing layer they can cause corrosion in steel. Rust weakens steel potentially to the point where it can break. Consider using premium de-icing materials such as calcium magnesium acetate or urea fertilizers.

In areas where traction is a concern, salt and/or sand can be used.