Snow Melt Blanket

January 2020

Clearing accumulation of snow and ice is part of winter maintenance.    Piles of snow may block roadways and parking areas where left while clearing most of the area.  Ice accumulation on walkways and driveways is a pedestrian and vehicular hazard.

Snowbanks and ice buildup can take weeks to melt as sunlight reflects off it even when temperatures rise above freezing.

Keeping roadways and walkways clear and safe can be an expensive undertaking.  A new technology promises to eliminate these mounds of accumulated snow and ice at nominal cost.

MeltMat is a thermal blanket made of aluminum alloy coated with black enamel or black silicon-based spray paint that absorbs sunlight.  It sits on top of a snow or ice mound absorbing sunlight and heating up thus melting it up to three times faster.

MeltMat is designed for regions where winter air temperature rises above freezing for part of the day.  It is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

MeltMat can be used to melt snow and ice on walkways, doorways and driveways.