Smoothing those Bumps in the Road

October 2020

Each year your outdoor spaces take a pounding.  Walking and driving areas are expected to survive for years as people walk over them, vehicles drive on them, weather causes damage and water seeps into cracks.

For the most part this works well so long as areas are cared for.  Areas with ponding water are a concern.  So are pot holes, sunken manhole covers and expanding pavement cracks.  The freeze-thaw of winter can cause damage with visible cracking and heaving as moisture penetrates.

The most common paving product, asphalt, lasts about 20 years if not for deterioration when exposed to sun and water, cold weather, freeze/thaw and freezing water.  Since this cannot be avoided it is necessary to protect asphalt, so it lasts the estimated 20 years, with a sealing coat applied every few years, plus repairs to visible cracks and depressions.

Lower cost paving technologies require more frequent repairs and regular maintenance thus costing more in the long run.

Metro Asphalt is a one-stop source for paving, interlocking and concrete installation, and repair services.  Here they describe paving technologies utilized on high-rise and condominium properties.

Throw ‘n Roll are “temporary” pot hole repairs.  This is relatively low cost, good for quick repairs and degrades faster.  Semi-permanent repair is similar but more deliberate and lasts longer.  The hole is properly cleaned and trimmed to sound pavement before asphalt is added.

Spray-injection uses specialized equipment to spray a tack asphalt into a cleaned hole before blowing asphalt and aggregate into the hole.  Asphalt repairs generally last longer.  Full-depth roadway replacement is a rebuilding of the pavement.  It provides better long-term results.

Infrared Repair is a more expensive and permanent solution.  It utilizes infrared heating equipment to melt damaged surfaces and remove defects before new asphalt is added.  Patches become seamless with less chance of future potholes.  For large spaces this may be most cost effective.