Smart-Home Tech High-Rise Amenities

May 2023

Among popular amenities such as pet spas and exercise space are technology-related services that focus on aging in place, building emergencies, security and safety.

Buckingham Condos in Etobicoke is providing what can be described as an integrated technology system.  Each suite will have a wall pad and an app which can be loaded onto any smartphone or electronic device.

The wall pad can be used to control the temperature within a suite, lock the door, view visitors in the lobby and allow them into the building.

The app will include additional features.  It can be used to call an elevator without having to push a button on the wall.  Remote caregivers, parents or children can be provided with access to the app for monitoring and changing temperature in the suite or ensuring the front door is locked.  Children trying to contact their parents will be able to determine if they are at home, or when they have entered or exited the suite.  Automatic notifications can be sent to designated individuals should there be an emergency such as an activated smoke detector or water leak.

Owner-landlords can remotely monitor for certain activities tenants may not report in a timely manner such as water leaks which can be detected by a leak detection system.  Rather than wait until a water leak worsens or causes significant damage, the owner-landlord can be informed when a leak is first detected.

The smartphone app can be used to unlock each access door in a building up to and including the unit’s entrance door.  There is no need to physically touch a handle or door when entering or exiting through most doors.  The need for keys is eliminated.  Suite doors can be locked from the car while in the parking garage or when out doing errands.  Each owner can provide unit access to others remotely if they choose to do so.  For those with tenants, there is no need to make, retrieve or deliver keys.

Owners can monitor anyone contacting them from the lobby and seeking access to the building.  They can grant access after visually seeing who is contacting them, even if not home at the time.

As these technologies and needs evolve, even more control over activities in the home are anticipated.