Sharing Condo Amenities

November 2019

Communities are selective on which amenities they offer with limitations reflecting resident interests, cost and space considerations.  Sharing amenities among communities is an effective way to provide benefits without incurring significant expense or requiring added space.  All residents, current and future, can benefit.

Individuals desire amenities that fit their lifestyle and interests.  Those with a more active lifestyle may desire an exercise room and swimming pool.  Pet owners desire amenities and space for their pet.  Families seek out family- or children-oriented amenities.  Even sharing of parking spaces, particularly when one building has excess parking space and another has a shortage, is an effective way for communities to work together.

When sharing amenities certain considerations should be evaluated.

Access and Security

Access to amenities should be available without compromising building security.  This should not be a concern for buildings that utilize security cameras and access fobs.

Enforcement of Rules

Where amenities are shared by two communities both need to be in agreement about rules and enforcement.  Joint rules can be created and enforced by both corporations.

Cost Sharing

Where amenities are shared, costs should also be shared.


Communities may avoid sharing amenities for fear of liability.  This can be minimized by establishing effective rules and procedures to avoid damage and misuse.  Use may require a waiver or release by users.