Sending AGM Packages and Notices by E-mail

April 2024

Condominium corporations have been allowed to send notices by e-mail to owners since October 2023.  E-mail is faster, more efficient and economical over printing and distribution of paper.

Sending Notices

Owners can receive notices:

  • by personal delivery;
  • by regular mail to their address of service;
  • by dropping notices at their unit or mail box unless they requested that this method of delivery not be used and provided another address of service;
  • by electronic communication unless the Corporation has a by-law prohibiting service by this method.

Sending notices by e-mail must be authorized by the board.  One way to do this is through a resolution by the board.

(Section 47(4) of the Condo Act.)

Sending Annual General Meeting (AGM) Packages

Condominium corporations can provide their AGM package and notices by e-mail unless a by-law against this has been adopted.  Owners opting out of e-mail service would receive the AGM package and notices by another method.  This applies to all meetings and not just the AGM.

Sending Other Information

Any notice required to be given to an owner or mortgagee under the Condo Act can be sent by        e-mail.  While specific documents are not identified, presumably this would include information certificates, financial statements, auditor reports and notices of future funding,

The owner’s e-mail address must appear in the records that the corporation is required to maintain.  This e-mail address can be any that the owner has used to communicate with the corporation or has provided in writing, unless they have opted out.

Opting Out of E-mail Communications

Owners can opt out of e-mail service by providing the corporation with a written request that their      e-mail address not be used to serve notices.  This request must be provided after the e-mail address has been used.

The opt-out appears to be limited to formal notices from the Corporation.  Opting out of e-mail service does not prevent the corporation from communicating with an owner by e-mail.