Selling to the Condo Board

January 2023

The role of condominium manager does not require a sales and marketing background.  Their job is about getting work done rather than selling or communicating.  To be successful, condominium managers need to be able to sell ideas and solutions to condo boards and residents if they are to obtain approvals, resources and funding.

“The job of condominium manager includes facility management which requires comprehension of technical and complex issues” explains Liron Daniels of Nadlan-Harris Property Management.  “What it takes to keep mechanical systems running is beyond the understanding of most condo boards.  Being overly technical or detailed when presenting to owners and the board is of limited value if interest or understanding is lost.  Better to explain a problem or failure in simple terms and include a story about how specific residents are impacted.  Focus on direct benefits which include cost, comfort, environmental impact, risk and convenience.  Technical details are usually unnecessary.”

The job of condominium manager is implementation and completion of tasks.  An effective manager is equally accomplished at obtaining approval from senior management and strategy.  In condominium management there is no training on how this is to be accomplished.

In a well-organized community service requests, complaints and comments are recorded electronically and classified by category.  These classifications allow management to obtain monthly or annual summaries adding clarity to existing and worsening situations.  The role of manager is to reduce the frequency of these submissions by developing solutions, and point to the data as proof of what needs to be done and effectiveness of past efforts.

The best condominium managers have learned these skills through experience.  They know not to react immediately.  Best to think things through before speaking.  They employ quality contractors and employees who can work independently which allows more time for strategizing, planning and seeking management approvals.

Condominium management is viewed as a cost to the corporation and owners.  It is up to the manager to change this mindset by showing it to be a benefit.  Those who are successful end up with a secure income, long-term employment and an enjoyable relationship with those they serve.

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