Security Against Package Theft – Protecting package deliveries

April 2021

Security in high-rise communities can be poor when it comes to package deliveries.

Growing package deliveries present an ongoing challenge for communities without a working system for their receipt.  The problem has only worsened since the pandemic when more utilized delivery services for clothing, food, home furnishings and personal items.

Packages are often left in the lobby with no protection.  There may be no system of lockers or package protection.  Among communities with a security guard, other duties mean packages remain unprotected for extended periods.

High-rise security obligations are usually limited to ensuring external doors are locked, an internal intercom system and locked mailboxes.  There is no obligation to provide storage and security for package deliveries.

Regardless of the level of security, packages go missing.  They may have been misdelivered, taken when a tenant buzzed in a visitor, mistakenly taken by another resident or simply lost in transit.  One solution in communities with security or concierge is software for logging in deliveries, informing residents and recording pick-ups.  An option for all communities is lockers that allow for secure delivery of packages for a resident and their retrieval.  Locker systems can be configured to fit available space or stored outdoor.

Where there is no secure system for receiving packages, fee for service options include The UPS Store, Amazon Hub lockers and regional courier delivery terminals.