Rules for Condo Board Meetings

March 2016

Dysfunctional condo boards have an unfortunate habit of making up rules up as they go along. This tends to lead to self-serving boards, or individual board members, working more for their own personal interests than that of those they are elected to serve.

One tactic used by dysfunctional board members is to control votes rather than seek consensus on a desirable approach. One way to do so is to force a revote on matters that do not go their way.

Consider a situation where a condo board decides it is a useful measure to control trash and recycling by establishing restrictions on where receptacles are placed. The measure passes but is opposed by a minority of the board.

Once a condo board has voted on a matter, it would be inappropriate to bring the matter to a second vote unless someone from the winning side chooses to do so. This is according to Robert’s Rules of Order, the standard for conducting board meetings relied on by most condo corporations.

Condo boards that do not follow accepted conduct as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order or a similarly reputable guide tend not to act in the best interests of their condo corporation.