October 2017

Ever consider climbing to the top of your high-rise building then over the edge and hanging by one hand?

Rooftopping is practiced by thrill seekers climbing to the top of city skyscrapers, hanging off the edge and taking pictures of the spectacular view beneath them.

These thrill seekers do not get fearful, light headed or dizzy at heights that would scare most people.  They feel exhilarated and alive at the top of a 50-storey building looking down on the city.

Permission for rooftop access is rarely asked.  Rooftoppers have been known to climb ladders, pipes and walls to obtain access to otherwise inaccessible rooftops.  These areas are rarely patrolled which makes it unlikely they will be caught.  If caught, an apology and explanation that they were just taking pictures may be all that is necessary to get away.

Safety is not a concern for these daredevils who have no fear.  They don’t use harnesses or other devices.  Some will hang from cranes and let go with one hand.

Many will carry a camera to record their exploits.

Condo corporations wishing to deter the mostly young males who participate in rooftopping from utilizing their buildings should consider precautions to prevent unauthorized roof access.

Global News provides a video of local rooftoppers in action.