Robotic Assistance for Seniors

November 2018

An Israeli company may have developed the first practical artificial intelligence application for seniors.

ELLiQ offers an alternative to other robotic assistance, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo, which may be more practical for the seniors market.

ELLiQ is designed for companionship and is promoted by the tagline “The gizmo that gets you”.  It is designed to feel natural and allow for a bond between it and its owners.  Seniors who live alone and feel isolated may find this device particularly helpful.

ELLiQ requires no technological expertise.  It looks like a lamp and sits on a table or counter where it can be accessible.  It is intuitive in that it learns its owner’s habits and responds accordingly.  The “head” swivels and turns when spoken to.

ELLiQ can learn its owner’s habits and preferences.  It will suggest activities its owner may wish to participate in such as listening to music or getting up to move around.  It can remind its owner when to take medication, of appointments and scheduled social activities.  It can make unprompted suggestions and be proactive or reactive.

Google Home and Amazon Echo offer artificial intelligence products for the mass market.  These products are arguably less personable and less capable for serving as a companion or assistant while helping keep track of daily tasks.

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