Right to Privacy for Condo Directors

May 2018

Condo directors are volunteer representatives of the condo corporation.  They tend to be visible and attract attention within the condo corporation because of their actions and decisions.

A Status Certificate, which can be requested by anyone, includes the name and service address for all directors.  The address used for service can be the address for the management office.

Condo directors are entitled to the same level of privacy as all residents.  Reaching out to a director by calling them at home or knocking on their door to discuss condo business is inappropriate.  Doing so is an invasion of their privacy and any confrontation in this way is unlikely to end favourably for a resident.

It is best to bring concerns to directors through the management office or in writing.  This provides a record of any concern or problem.  The board would choose to have the concern handled by the condominium manager, provide direction on how to respond or provide a direct response.