Rethinking 24 Hour Condo Security and Concierge Services

September 2015

Maintaining a security and concierge desk is one of the larger operational expenditures in many condo buildings. This desk often serves the dual purpose of providing security and assistance for residents. Assistance may include package receiving, parking and building access for guests, and booking of amenities.

At nearly $200,000 per year for 24 hour coverage, finding more economical ways to provide such services, inclusive of security, is an effective way to reduce operational expenses and condo maintenance fees.

Many condo buildings already limit building access by utilizing electronic access devices for residents. Typically, lobby phones or intercom systems allow residents to unlock doors for visitors. Security cameras monitor public areas of the building. Combined, these security measures serve as an effective deterrent to unauthorized building access and vandalism. When such events occur, security cameras make it easier to identify and deal with problems.

In light of these protections, some view 24 hour security and concierge services as an unnecessary and costly luxury. They question the need for providing this service at hours when most are sleeping or on weekends when there is reduced building activity. Many condo corporations have taken the additional step of utilizing Condo Management Software which improves overall communications and reduces the need for someone to be available at the security desk for assisting residents.

Some condo buildings do not staff their security and concierge desk late at night or on weekends. Eliminating a night shift can save an estimated $50,000 per year. Eliminating weekend shifts can save nearly as much.

Savings from having an unattended security and concierge desk during quiet periods may be used to enhance security camera coverage and other security measures. Once such measures have been implemented, ongoing savings can provide funds for improving common areas, offering social programs and other initiatives to improve the lifestyle of residents and reducing condo fees.

To some, elimination of 24 hour security and concierge desk coverage may be an unacceptable reduction in convenience. Others see this as a more prudent approach to building and fiscal management.


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