Restrictions on Building Access

Corporations do not have authority to screen visitors for possible infection without government directive.  Visitors have no obligation to disclose that information.  Visitors can be informed of public health protocols with signage, and asked to ensure they meet public health guidelines before entering the property.



Sensible Restrictions

  • Encouraging residents not to invite non-residents into the building
  • Prohibiting nannies, dog-walkers, tutors and other business service providers from accessing the building
  • Requiring deliveries, including newspapers, to be left at a concierge desk for resident retrieval
  • Discouraging large gatherings  by restricting number of guests allowed into a unit or common area

Unreasonable Restrictions

  • Prohibiting home care workers from visiting their client
  • Prohibiting family members from visiting an elderly parent

Restrictions such as the accompany example are beyond authority granted to condo boards, is unenforceable and to be avoided.

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