Responding to Resident Concerns

June 2024

Responding to resident concerns and enforcing the corporation’s rules is a part of every condominium manager’s job.

In any community of hundreds of people, problems are to be expected.  When nobody is around, some will engage in improper behaviour.  Others will complain.  Not all complaints will come from people who are calm or speak clearly.  There may be demands to immediately correct a problem when other priorities take precedence.

The role of condominium manager is to accept concerns calmly, not react to aggression or unreasonableness, and help resolve problems

The role of condominium manager is to accept concerns calmly, not react to aggression or unreasonableness, and help resolve problems.

Address Concerns Promptly

Not all concerns can or should be addressed quickly.  They should be addressed with a positive tone and in a reasonable period of time.  Listen to what someone has to say, reassure them the issue will be addressed, and identify the next steps.  Remind residents that more urgent issues take precedence.  Avoid deferring resolution for more than a couple of weeks without extenuating circumstances.

Concerns and complaints should be formally logged.  Note when the issue was first brought to management’s attention, by whom and maintain communication.  Records of management actions or responses, and those of the resident or other involved parties should be retained.  Condo Management Software is the easiest way to maintain these records and ensure all parties are updated.

Never Make Promises

Listen to the resident, take time to obtain facts, and offer an estimated timeline for resolution.  Never make promises when others are involved in addressing a concern.  Speaking to others while obtaining facts, and reaching out for expertise or assistance from employees or contacts takes time.  All have different priorities and commitments, and may not be able to respond to you as quickly as desired.  It is better to avoid making promises beyond your control.

Maintain Contact with the Resident

Don’t allow residents to feel you have forgotten them or their concern.  Provide an update whenever new information is available.  If the corporation decides to take action, inform of what action will be taken and when.

The best condominium managers know the job involves more than maintaining physical infrastructure.  They maintain a good relationship with residents by being responsive to their concerns.  They communicate frequently, appropriately and in a respectful manner.  Problems and concerns are always addressed in a timely, consistent and fair manner.