Requisitioned Meetings

January 2019

Requisitioned meetings may occur when a group of condo owners are unhappy with the condo board.

The Condominium Act requires that requisitioned meetings be held when a requisition stating the nature of business to be presented is signed by owners representing at least 15 percent of units entitled to vote.  When valid, meetings must be held within 35 days or at the next annual general meeting.

When a board fails to comply, requisitionists can call the meeting and be reimbursed for reasonable costs by the corporation.  Courts have stated that holding a requisitioned meeting is a democratic right in condominiums and a form of consumer protection.

Condo corporations are required to comply with these requirements stated in Section 46 of the Condominium Act.  Failing to call a valid requisitioned meeting can result in a court order for the corporation to hold the meeting and to pay legal costs.

There is no requirement to hold a meeting if the requisition contains false and misleading information.