Replacing a Condo Board Director

June 2021

A situation arises where owners desire to replace a condo director.  The Condo Act provides a process for this.

  • Owners of at least 15 percent of the condominium units can requisition a meeting for the purpose of voting to remove one or more of the directors from the board.  See So you want to Requisition a Meeting for details.
  • Requisition must state the name of each director proposed to be removed, reasons for removal and whether the director occupies a position on the board reserved for voting by owners of owner-occupied units.
  • A separate vote is required for each named director.
  • Removal of a director requires a vote of more than 50 percent of unit owners in favour of removal.
  • Any vote for a director occupying a position reserved for voting by owners of owner-occupied units may only be cast by owner-occupied unit owners.