Repairs and Maintenance by Owner-Volunteers

September 2021

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time.  Allow owner-volunteers to perform minor building maintenance and repairs.

The best of intentions can backfire.  The individual many not be licensed or insured.  Quality of work may be substandard.  If anything goes wrong fault lies with the board and management.

The potential for mistakes, errors and injury increases.  If injured, the person may file against the corporation to pay for medical and ongoing expenses.  Problems increase if others are injured or property is damaged.

If the work undertaken is of unsatisfactory or poor quality, and possibly results in damage or injury, the corporation and all owners are at risk.  Having received free services, the corporation may have difficulty seeking recourse.

It is advisable for corporations to deal with outside vendors and employees, thus avoiding a multitude of problems from allowing owner-volunteers to handle maintenance and repairs.