Renovation Basics for Condos

May 2020

Renovations can be expensive and time-consuming.  If planning to renovate, there are additional considerations unique to condo living.  Avoid surprises and problems with good planning,

Advance Notification

It is common courtesy to inform neighbours about renovations that will be noisy, disruptive and take up common area space.  At the very least, ensure the management office is aware of your upcoming renovations and timing.  This will reduce the likelihood of complaints.

Be prepared to accommodate minor scheduling requests from neighbours.

When informing the management office, provide specific details of your planned renovations and ask about concerns they may have or restrictions you should be aware of.  Awareness and approval of your renovations by the management office can avoid delays or problems such as being unable to utilize an elevator because of other work in the building at the same time.

Manage Deliveries and Removal of Debris

It may be necessary to bring equipment or material through common areas.  It will also be necessary to remove debris, equipment and packaging.  Materials should be carted away by contractors and not disposed of in the building dumpster.  Hallways and other common areas are not to be used for storage of material, supplies or debris.

Reserve elevators in advance and ensure contractors abide by the reservation.  Others have need for the same elevators so a late delivery may not be easy to accommodate.

Ensure contractors and deliveries know where to go.  A loading area is generally to be used for loading and unloading of trucks.  Arrangements for contractor parking should be made in advance.

Insurance and Deposits

Make sure contractors are insured for unintentional damage to building infrastructure, common areas and other suites.  Condo corporations may require deposits and fees to cover damage or misuse of common areas, elevator use and security.

Renovation Hours

Certain activities may be limited to specific days or hours because of noise or inconvenience to residents.  Should your renovation require water to be turned off for the building, coordinate with management to minimize disruption to your project and building residents.

Renovations don’t always go entirely as planned.  Accidents happen.  Deliveries and schedules require flexibility.  Prepare for these unexpected surprises before work commences.