Regular Building Maintenance

March 2019

Building maintenance for a condo building is much more than vacuuming hallways, wiping down walls and cleaning windows.  Unlike a single family home, high-rise buildings deal with hundreds of people living beneath a single roof.  These people generate large volumes of waste, own hundreds of vehicles, have pets, receive guests and contractors, and require space for storage.

Failing to effectively deal with these demands can create nasty problems including pests, odours, mould and compromised air quality.  In the early days of condo living residential high-rise buildings were plagued by these and other problems.  Volunteer condo boards and management did not have the expertise to deal with what were new challenges at the time.

Cleanliness is a big problem in high-rise buildings that leads to other problems.  Buildings have more waste, more people and more hidden or inaccessible areas than a single family home.  Failing to deal with cleanliness tends to create far greater problems.

Today the process is easier.  Specialized businesses now exist to deal with these concerns.  They understand what happens when cleanliness is neglected and problems grow unseen in hidden areas of a building.

Regular building maintenance for high-rise residential buildings is a major undertaking.

Trash Collection

Maintenance helps in avoiding pest, vermin and odour problems.

  • Chute cleaning
  • Garbage rooms and container cleaning
  • Trash/Recycling/Organics removal
  • Garbage enclosures maintained
  • Power washing and sweeping

Parking Lots and Garages

Moisture, salt and dirt can damage the garage infrastructure.  Dirty and poorly maintained areas create a bad impression; a possible indicator of other, hidden, problems.

  • Lines need to painted on roadways and parking spaces
  • Power washing and sweeping
  • Drain cleaning and maintenance services – catch basins, sump pits, flushing of drains
  • Lighting; bulbs replaced, fixtures repaired and systems periodically upgraded

Common and Restricted Access Areas

Proper cleaning of all accessible areas of a building does more than present a good impression.  It eliminates problems before they are noticed.

  • Professional cleaning of hallways, rooms and lobbies using professional cleaning products
  • Odour control solutions
  • Pest control solutions
  • Duct and vent cleaning
  • Exhaust fan maintenance and repair


The quality of our home affects our lifestyle.  Dealing with these matters on the scale of a high-rise building requires professional expertise on a daily basis.