Recycling Tips and Suggestions

November 2014

  • Community Clean-Up Day is usually in April. This annual event allows you to join thousands of Toronto residents who have chosen to help clean up a public area important to them. This may be a local street, park or riverbank. Go to to register yourself or a group and to schedule a litter bag pick-up.
  • Report a Litter Hot Spot. These are unusually dirty public spaces, illegally dumped garbage or overflowing bins. Call 311 or go to
  • It is illegal to dump household garbage in City bins.
  • Plastic over-wrap from cardboard flats of soft drinks and bottled water, flyers, magazines and telephone books cannot be recycled. They should be put in the garbage.
  • Do not bag your recycling. Bagged recycling is considered garbage and will not be recycled.
  • Coffee cup pod/disc products are not recyclable.
  • Batteries, CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), batteries and propane tanks are hazardous waste products that do not go in garbage or recycling. Many condo buildings have a disposal area for these items.
  • Do not pour oils or grease down the drain or toilet.
  • Before placing in recycling bins: Flatten cardboard boxes and cartons; Rinse containers
  • Collect electronic waste separately from other items.

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