December 2016

Quorum is the minimum number of individuals that must be present at a meeting to make proceedings of that meeting valid.

For a condo corporation meeting requiring owner attendance, a quorum is the minimum percentage of owners who must be present in person or through a proxy for the meeting to be valid. In Ontario it is 25% of all units in a condo corporation.
For a condo board meeting with five (5) directors and a quorum of three (3), per its legal documents, a minimum of three board members would have to be in attendance at a  board meeting for proceedings to be valid.

When quorum is not met, a meeting is stopped while an attempt is made to obtain quorum. If unable to obtain quorum the meeting must be adjourned. No vote can be taken and no business can be transacted without quorum.

When a condo corporation is unable to find enough residents to serve as board members to meet quorum it is unable to transact business.