Public Ping Pong

July 2015

Ping Pong has become increasingly popular in some areas of the city. Public Ping Pong tables, set up by the city, are used by adults and children most days from early spring until the weather gets cold. Peak time is after 6 pm on weekdays when a dozen or more people can be sharing playing time.

Ping Pong tables were first installed a few years ago thanks to the efforts of Dianne Moore, a Forest Hill Rotarian.

These are not typical Ping Pong tables. They are made of concrete with a metal grate net designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.  Ms. Moore approached a Brampton concrete company about designing this table. She then solicited support from community groups and city councillors for its installation at locations throughout Toronto.

Area interest in outdoor Ping Pong began in the Dundas St. West and Roncesvalles Ave. area.  Residents had set up their own Ping Pong table, in the Ritchie Avenue Parkette, which was becoming weather-beaten. Residents suggested a Ping Pong table better suited for outdoor use.

Further research showed that Ping Pong tables were popular in Europe. Toronto chose to follow the same path.

A second Ping Pong table was recently installed at Mel Lastman Square.

Each Ping Pong table costs $5,600 to make, deliver and install.