Prohibition Best Approach to Avoiding Conflict – Smoking Tobacco and Marijuana

April 2018

When it comes to smoking and marijuana use, prohibition is the single best approach to avoiding conflict.

Condo boards are responsible for management of their condo buildings.  They establish rules and conduct for residents living together in a confined space.  Many buildings have established rules and restrictions on smoking in their buildings.  With legalization of marijuana expected to take effect later in 2018 more condo corporations are likely to consider similar restrictions.

Condo boards looking at eliminating or minimizing smoking-related conflict in their buildings will adopt one of three approaches.

Do Nothing

Condo corporations that currently allow smoking in their buildings will now have the added burden of marijuana use.  If there are currently complaints or problems relating to smoking in the building, an increase in complaints is likely.  More residents will complain and more management time will be dedicated to address these issues.  As time passes, the condo corporation may be required to invest in measures to control smoke migration thus increasing condo fees.

Partial Restriction

Condo corporations preferring not to restrict in-suite smoking may want to implement restrictions on growing marijuana in a condo building to avoid creating a fire hazard or mould issues, or increased water and electricity expenses.

Smoke Free

A complete prohibition on smoking in a condo building is the only way to avoid conflict.  No other option will eliminate residents complaining of odours, damage and health issues relating to the smoking of tobacco or marijuana.  Any condo corporation taking this approach needs to look at their current bylaws.  It takes time to change these governing documents which require a vote of condo owners.

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