Proxies Discourage Condo Board Participation

July 2016

Proxies are an integral part of condo corporation governance. They can also deter good people from volunteering to sit on a condo board.

A proxy is a person who represents an owner. A proxy form is the document allowing another individual to represent an owner. A proxy can participate in condo elections or other matters that require a vote of owners.

During condo elections the right of proxy can be misused. Someone running for election to a board of directors may collect sufficient proxy forms in advance of the election to assure their candidacy. While legal and possibly necessary to obtain a quorum – the minimum number that must be represented at a meeting to make the proceedings of that meeting valid – this can result in those with time to knock on doors and collect proxy forms being elected in place of more qualified individuals.

In condo corporations where proxy forms are used in this manner, qualified candidates may choose not to put themselves forward for an election that they believe to be predetermined by proxy forms.

On-line voting now offers a secure, economical and acceptable way to conduct condo elections that facilitates increased participation of condo owners while limiting the impact of proxies. See It’s Time for Online Voting in Condos, in the Condo Archives under Condo Building Management, for more information.