Property Access Systems

July 2024

Technology has transformed how we live and work.  Property management technologies have allowed unparalleled control and access among those who live and work in our high-rise homes.  Communities slow to embrace these technologies are missing out on enhanced security, time-saving benefits and opportunities to reduce costs.

Building Security

At one time, building security meant a push-button intercom connected to in-unit buzzers.  Residents had to be home to allow guests, service providers and delivery services into a building.  Each unit door had a traditional lock requiring a metal key that had to periodically be re-keyed or replaced.  Today, communities use an integrated and secure system.

Access control systems provide convenient and secure property-wide access using multiple entry methods.  Residents have a fob or card to open doors throughout the building.  They can open the front door while on a video call to a video intercom at the front door or gate.  Vehicles enter the parking area after passing a vehicle identification system that reads a windshield sticker.

Keypads and card or fob readers at all access points and connected to your control system ensure only authorized users can navigate the building without restricting access for residents.  Installing a similar system in elevators control access to each floor.  When there are usage fees for access to certain amenities, systems allow management to restrict access to those who have paid the fees.  They can restrict access for those who are not current in paying their condo fees.  Smart locks on unit doors protect individual units.

Systems are easy to set up, update and use.  Mobile-based systems allow residents to access spaces using their smartphone to unlock doors and gates from anywhere.  Security and management know who is accessing any door at any time.  Once a resident grants access through the front door, the system can open doors for accessing an elevator and allow them access to the proper floor.

These systems have lower operating costs.  Software updates are automatic and hardware maintenance is minimal.  The cost of rekeying locks is eliminated.

The need for overnight security is reduced or employees can be redeployed to focus on property security.  Residents using the system can monitor their visitors and control access.

Package Security

Most high-rise communities struggle to deal with package volumes, missed deliveries, package theft and dealing with the constant flow of delivery people.

Communities that accept packages for residents rely on their condo management systems which maintain records on every unit and resident, and manage receipt of packages, plus notification of residents and package retrieval.  Communities that do not accept packages for residents can install smart parcel lockers connected to a lobby intercom system used by delivery personnel.

Residents required to directly receive their delivered packages can communicate with the delivery person using a video intercom at the front entrance to ensure they gain access to the building and complete the delivery even when there are no onsite personnel to open the front door or the recipient is not home.  Instructions can be provided on where to deliver a package rather than leaving it in the building’s lobby.

Property access systems can be updated for owners, residents, and short- or long-term tenants.  They can be integrated with your existing condo management software and smart locker systems.

Property access systems are designed to make your property safer and give residents peace of mind while allowing authorized access without difficulty.  They reduce operating and maintenance costs, and help lower condo fees while making a property more appealing and valuable to future owners.