Proper Lighting Improves Security

April 2020

Lighting can make a huge difference in the safety and security of a community.  While providing safety, it can also improve the appearance of indoor and outdoor areas.


Security lighting should provide sufficient illumination for security cameras to clearly record activity in the area.

City lighting, intended for sidewalks and roadways, is usually inadequate to illuminate outer areas of a community.  Adequate lighting requires an investment in safety and security.

Areas with higher foot traffic should be well lit.

Low light levels can make it difficult for security to determine if someone is attempting to obtain building access, and to identify that individual.  Improved lighting will discourage individuals from sneaking into a building.  Someone hanging around a doorway will be more easily noticed and more clearly captured on a security camera.  Individuals with a key or fob will feel safer and appreciate good lighting in the area.

Building access areas, including side doors and parking garages, should be well lit to discourage unauthorized intruders.  Areas prone to problems can be made safer by incorporating brighter lights.  Floodlights work well in outside areas so long as their placement does not disrupt building residents.

Proper lighting helps provide safety to building residents while improving the visual appearance of a community.