Problem Solving Strategies for Condo Residents

June 2020

It can be challenging to get condominium managers or condo directors to give your concerns the same priority or sense of urgency as you do.  Managing a community is difficult.  Mingled with your reasonable requests or concerns are unreasonable requests, rude residents, impossible-to-solve situations and more.

It is easy for condominium managers or directors to be dismissive of residents who are rude, unreasonable or difficult to deal with.  Fortunately, most act professionally and are respectful of residents.  Those with reasonable needs or requests, who offer solutions, and are respectful and reasonable will get the best results.

Research your concerns before approaching management. It always helps to have documentation supporting your concern or a possible solution.  This may include pictures and written documentation.  Some of the best information to help deal with problems and concerns of condo residents is available through Toronto Condo News.

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Avoid last minute requests. Many requests of management must be brought to the condo board before the condominium manager is able to respond.  Volunteer condo boards may meet only once every month or two.  Matters they deal with may have been planned weeks or months in advance.  Your request will not be on their agenda unless you have submitted it weeks in advance.

Be timely in your requests. If planning renovations, provide advance notice to management.  Last minute accommodations are unreasonable, likely disruptive to other residents and problematic for management.  Your failure to plan should not be a concern for condo management.

Avoid surprises. If there is a dispute or disagreement between residents, keep management informed in case matters escalate.