Preventing Water Damage (2019)

June 2019

Most common sources of water damage are known.  Water leakages, infiltration and problems are frequently avoidable. LEaC Shield and Aqua Fast Flush are best known for solutions resolving building-wide water problems.  Below they offer in-suite insights and solutions to residents wanting to avoid water damage.


Common Sources of Water Damage

  • Failure of fridge/freezer and dishwasher lines to water source
  • Deterioration and breakage in hoses to clothes washing machine
  • Overflowing toilets and bathtubs in bathroom
  • Pipes bursting due to faulty workmanship
  • Accidental discharge of sprinkler heads due to damage or error
  • Melting of roof snow accumulation on old or damaged roofs
  • Burst pipes resulting from freezing

Implications of Water Damage

  • Insurance increases to cover costs of repairing water damage for individual condo owners and the condo corporation
  • Deductibles are higher before insurance covers water damage costs
  • Water damage increases building component repair and replacement costs
  • Condo fees increase to cover higher operating and reserve fund expenditures
  • Insurance becomes harder to obtain

Avoid Water Damage

  • Replace deteriorated caulking around doors, windows, plumbing and air conditioning units
  • Clear out drains that are slow to clear or have an unpleasant sewage odour
  • Replace caulking or repair water seals in kitchen and bathroom where water can leak including faucets, bathtub, showerhead, toilet and dishwasher
  • Know where the main shut off valve(s) for your suite are located and how to turn them off
  • For washing machines, replace rubber hoses every five years and more durable reinforced braided hoses every fifteen years
  • Repair or replace rusted and corroded pipes and fixtures
  • If away for an extended period have someone run water for 10 – 15 minutes at each of the taps each week, or turn off all the water at the main valve and drain water at all taps

Dealing with Water Damage

  • Stop water from flowing by turning off the water supply
  • Prevent damage to your possessions by moving items out of the path of water
  • Immediately contact the condominium manager, management office, superintendent or security