Prevent Uninvited Guests, Theft and Damage

Summer 2013

While most condominiums in the area offer effective security systems, each individual can and should play a role in helping to prevent uninvited guests, theft and damage to their building.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do not provide access to your building, through any door, to individuals unknown to you.
  • If an unrecognized individual follows you through a door without using their access device, go immediately to the Concierge or Security Desk and inform them of the circumstances.
  • Do not provide your access device (keyfob or garage transmitter) to friends or other non-residents.
  • When receiving a call to open the lobby or visitor parking door through your phone, do not do so UNLESS expecting the individual and/or you recognize the voice. If available, view visitors in the lobby through the appropriate cable TV channel if that service is available to you.
  • Whenever possible, provide the Concierge Desk with advance notice of visitors.
  • When allowing contractors or movers to access your building, do not allow an access door to remain open when the room is unattended. Door(s) should never be propped open without the resident being present in the room.

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