Popular Amenities Capitalize on Technology

April 2021

When it comes to offering desirable amenities technology takes on increasing importance.  Here are some innovative and technology-oriented amenities now or soon to be available in Toronto condo buildings.

Line 5 condos, at Yonge and Eglinton, will offer an Uber pick-up lane.  Residents will be able to have hot and cold storage for their food deliveries.  The fitness studio will have computerized floors, lighting and walls for virtual training sessions such as a bike ride through mountains and exercise classes.

Homes are being equipped with thermostats allowing residents to control temperature preferences using their phone.  More extensive voice activated systems can turn lights on and off.  At Ten York residents will access their unit by unlocking their door using a smartphone also providing access to common areas.  The garage access system will recognize residents’ license plates.

Evermore in West Village will include a youth hub with high-speed internet access in its recreation and study spaces.