Poop Control for the Dogs

May 2019

The average condo building deals with an estimated 33,600 kilograms of dog waste each year.  That’s a lot of poop!

An informal survey suggests that a typical 40-storey condo building can have up to 280 dogs, with the average dog producing 120 kilograms of waste each year.  Condo communities must manage this waste.

Dog waste is toxic.  It contains viruses, bacteria and parasites which can cause disease.  Finding solutions to managing dog waste affects property values and is a health concern.  Providing pet waste disposal bags and bins on condo property offers one solution that works for conscientious pet owners.  Pet DNA services, which match waste to offending pets, can identify less conscientious pet owners who fail to clean up after their pet.

Newer condo communities are including more pet amenities that include pet washing and poop-and-scoop areas.  They utilize security cameras to identify offenders failing to clean up after their pet.

Practica has been providing pet waste control solutions since 1999.  Dan Tully explains the importance of educating residents about pet waste control.  “Dealing with pet waste issues often begins with an education campaign identifying the health risks and damage to common areas – gardens, grass, carpet and furniture – from pet waste.”  There may be pet fees to pay for pet amenities, or pet waste control and management.

Studies have found that pet owners pick up after their dogs about 60 percent of the time (source: Journal of Applied Psychology).  If education campaigns fail to result in improvement, a mandatory dog DNA registry system can be rolled out for new and existing residents.  This ensures those who fail to pick-up after their dog nevertheless become accountable for their actions.  This may require revisions to condo rules and pet policies.

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