Politicians Take Note; Condo Owners are Watching!

April 2018

A majority of Torontonians reside in condo buildings.

On far too many occasions, our politicians at all levels of government fail to understand, or at least acknowledge and attempt to resolve, issues created by high-density development.

Promises are made at election time.  There is far too much focus on what they think we want to hear and too little interest in living up to promises.  There is limited communication with the condo community about their concerns and promises made to the community.  There appears to be a three pronged strategy to dealing with condo community concerns.

  • Avoid conversations about concerns even if this means not returning calls
  • When conversations cannot be avoided, focus on vague future commitments
  • When forced to acknowledge concerns, place the blame elsewhere

Come election time, the cycle commences anew.  Talk is about promises for the future with nothing said about unfulfilled promises of the past.

This seems to be a long standing pattern regardless of the individual(s) and parties elected to govern.  At times it appears that high-density condo development is viewed by politicians as a source of money with little to no accountability.

This has led some to adopt a strategy of voting for those likely to cause the least damage.  It is the result of too many politicians focused on a path of least resistance rather than trying to do what is right.

What we need are leaders who take their election as a mandate to govern.

Perhaps it is time to hold elected politicians responsible for their failures.  An easy way to do this is to focus on the individual(s) and party in power.  Remember their promises and any failure to deliver.  Don’t vote them back for a second term.