Police-Sponsored Community Programs

February 2018

Toronto is fortunate in that its police department makes a concerted effort to engage the community.  Among the benefits is that the community learns not to fear the police, as many new immigrants come from countries where the police is paramilitary or are disengaged from its communities.

In Toronto, sensitivity courses taught at the police college show officers how to recognize and deal with cultural differences.  For the police, customer service is a priority when dealing with the public.

Toronto police divisions specifically target youth between the ages of six and nineteen, interacting with them and helping them to understand the role of police along with the public’s rights and responsibilities.

Each police division offers programs for their community that they deem useful.  This summary of programs offered by 32 Division in North York may differ from what is available in your community.

  • Anti-Theft Programs  (Youths/Adults)
  • Art Poster Contest (Youths)
  • Boxing (Youths)
  • Basketball (Youths)
  • Canadian Law Introduction (All)
  • Child Car Seat Safety (All)
  • Cooking (Youths)
  • Crime Prevention (All)
  • Cyberbullying (Children)
  • Cycling (Youths)
  • Drug Use and Recognition (Youths)
  • ESL Education (All)
  • Football (Youths)
  • Fraud Education (Seniors)
  • Gardening (Youths)
  • Hockey (Youths)
  • Horseback Riding (Youths)
  • Parent Education (Adults)
  • Security and Safety (Adults)
  • Snowboarding (Youths)
  • Toy & Food Drives (All)
  • Volleyball (Youths)
  • Youth in Policing (Youths)

The result of these problems is that, when problems arise, more people are likely to seek assistance from police rather than avoid them.

Condo boards are encouraged to contact their local police division for assistance in providing information to their residents.  Police may be available for adult or youth education events in your building.