Pet Rules must be Consistent for Condo Owners and Renters

July 2016

Condo corporations establish their own rules with regard to pets. Some allow them, some prohibit them and some impose restrictions on type and size.

Pets can cause wear and tear on the common elements. Condo owners and renters who do not pay proper attention to pets in the common areas of a condo building can become a burden and cost to the entire community. Some condo corporations may choose to disallow renters from having pets in their suite as a way to make rules enforcement easier and more economical. It also avoids having condo landlords becoming responsible for damage to condo elements due to pets.

Many apartments and homes available for rent choose not to allow pets. The logic behind this restriction may appear equally applicable to condos.

This thinking is inconsistent with the Condo Act which does not support this approach.

The Condo Act does not support this distinction between renters and owners in a condo building. It requires that condo restrictions on pets be equally applicable to all residents. These restrictions should be identified in the condo corporation’s governing documents – declaration, by-laws and/or rules.


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