Pet Accommodation starts with Responsible Pet Owners

December 2019

CityPlace pet owners are fighting a ban against new animals in their buildings.  In 2016, their board(s) passed a rule requiring future residents to “register their existing pets at the management office.”  In August 2019 a reminder was posted of this rule and that unregistered pets must be removed.  One resident started a petition against the ban which received broad publicity.

The reality is that not everyone likes or appreciates pets.  The real problem is pet owners that fail to act responsibly.  Many allow their dogs to walk off leash in buildings and public areas.  Walkers and children can easily be threatened by them and unprovoked dog bites are not uncommon.  Some pet owners allow their dogs to defecate in parks, walkways, hallways, elevators, stairwells and balconies.  The cost of dealing with this problem is borne by non-pet owners.

A few selfish pet owners can make life unpleasant for a majority of residents including responsible pet owners.

The problem is easy to resolve.  Pet owners can be more responsible.  Communities can require registration of pets and utilize pet DNA services to identify and hold less responsible pet owners accountable for their actions.

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