Peaceful Condo Living with Pets

May 2018

Pets bring much joy to people.  They provide companionship, reduce anxiety and can help lower blood pressure.

When inappropriate for the chosen environment or not properly maintained, pets can easily become a problem for their owners, neighbours and condo management.

Practica provides products and services to keep condo communities clear of pet refuse.  They offer suggestions for condo management and residents that want to ensure pets don’t become a problem in their community.


Choose Carefully

Before choosing a condo pet, identify which pets are best in small spaces.

Large dogs don’t always have more energy and small dogs may not be lap dogs.  Some small breeds of dogs may be overly energetic.  Pets that require space to move around may not be suitable for condo living.

Loud and untrained birds are not suitable for condo living.


Be Considerate of Building Residents

Dogs that jump on people, bark or growl can be a threat to your condo neighbours.

Any pet that exhibits excessive barking, meowing or chirping, and those that exhibit aggression, are likely to cause problems in a condo building.

Ensure your condo pet is well trained.


Scoop the Poop

Always pick up after your pet.  Pet waste contains bacteria and pests that can transmit diseases.

Leaving pet waste on condo property, including within condo suites, is unclean and unhealthy.  It presents an undesirable environment for condo dwellers.

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