Patio Door Replacement – Letter to the Editor

September 2022

The patio door to my balcony needs replacing.

Am I responsible?

J. D.



Response from Toronto Condo News

The patio door provides direct access from your unit to an exclusive use common area which is your patio or balcony.  Determining who is responsible for repairing or replacing a failing patio door requires that you review your declaration and by-laws.  As this is entirely your private space and inaccessible to others, it is likely you are responsible for maintenance and replacement of the patio door.  The corporation may provide assistance with sourcing a company for repair or replacement, or may arrange for the work to be done on your behalf and at your cost.  An inquiry to your management office will clarify how this is handled in your community.

The patio door differs from the front door of your unit which provides direct access to a common area.  It is more typical that front door replacements are an obligation of the corporation, except when replacement is caused by resident or unit owner actions in which case costs can be charged back to the owner.  Door hardware may be a maintenance item for which owners are responsible if stated in your declaration or by-laws.

Inaccessible windows differ from patio doors in that it is not possible for a resident to clean or replace them and is clearly an obligation of the condominium corporation.  Cleaning of accessible windows, those that can be reached by walking out onto a patio, balcony or deck, is a resident obligation as is inside caulking of windows and doors.

Information on obligations for maintaining doors and windows can be found in the Condo Archives under Condo Building Management – Windows, and Safety and Security – Security.