Party Room or Multipurpose Room

January 2015

As condo units become smaller the need for common or shared space becomes more important. This space may be used for relaxation or socialization. It may also be a private space that can be reserved for larger events.

Most condo buildings have one central space for events or gatherings – a Party Room or Multipurpose Room.

The Party Room is more formal and traditional. It likely includes tables and chairs for formal entertainment and may be used for special events such as family gatherings or a building-wide social event. It typically includes a kitchen. There may be a dance floor, electric hookups for a sound system and other event related enhancements.

The Multipurpose Room is more casual, designed for comfort and/or practicality,

and more suitable for everyday use. This room often includes comfort seating such as sofas and armchairs. It is generally available for resident use throughout the day.

The following suggestions can make your main common area more appealing and flexible for events or daily use.

  • The room should be situated in an area that provides easy access from the main area of a building. Relegating the room to a basement level, parking area or some otherwise unusable space makes the room less appealing and limits its use.
  •  Providing access to an outdoor area, preferably with a view and/or natural light, encourages greater use.
  •  The space should include comfortable seating. A Party Room is more likely to include tables and chairs to accommodate larger groups of people in a formal setting that includes food service. A Multipurpose Room is more likely to include seating for comfort or relaxation such as sofas or armchairs. It may also include smaller tables suitable for small working, study or social groups.
  •  If outdoor space is available, providing access to a BBQ provides residents with an amenity not available in most high-rise buildings.
  •  Including access to a large screen TV, microwave oven and fridge facilitates group gatherings for sporting events, movie nights and card games.
  •  A fireplace provides a quiet spot for relaxation, reading and conversation.
  •  A Multipurpose Room can be compartmentalized so that multiple groups can use the room at the same time without intruding on each other.