Parking App Helps Identify Illegal Renters

May 2019

The Parking Boss was created as a way to deal with parking abuses in condo buildings.

Florida condo associations have found a way to use this technology for dealing with illegal condo renters.

The Parking Boss allows management to identify and tow away vehicles that should not be parking on the property or, in the case of visitors, those parked for longer than allowed.  It turns out that many of the illegally parked vehicles in Florida buildings also belong to illegal renters.

In one building, one owner who purchased an additional suite intended for short-term rentals sold it after being unable to offer parking.

The Parking Boss keeps track of resident vehicles and those of visitors.  The technology is also effective at identifying owners illegally renting suites through services such as Airbnb and to seasonal renters who also have a vehicle.

Each authorized vehicle is issued with a decal containing a QR code that is placed on the vehicle window.  When checking the parking area, a mobile phone is used to scan the code and display the authorized vehicle information for that code.  Any vehicle where vehicle information does not match has not been approved by condo management.

Since each decal is for a specific vehicle, it cannot be transferred to another vehicle or shared among vehicles.

Improved parking management provides for better security.  It makes better use of limited visitor or resident parking spaces by ensuring only those authorized to use the spaces are able to do so.