Pandemic Practices Worth Keeping

August 2021

Some aspects of pandemic living are worth keeping.  While it may have taken a pandemic to make us more aware, these practices are deserving of surviving the COVID environment.

Handwashing and Cleaning

Regular handwashing is a practice helping to prevent transmission of viruses.  Regular use of soap and water throughout the day, including when returning home from outdoor and before meals, should remain a standard practice.  Hand sanitizer dispensers near building entrances can be utilized between hand washings.

Regular cleaning should extend not only to living and working spaces and surfaces but to frequently touched items including electronic devices.  Properly dispose of unwanted items rather than discarding them on the ground or in public spaces.

Remain home when under the weather

Remaining at home when not feeling well has become more accepted.  Prior to COVID, far too many would leave home when not feeling well.  Each had their reason for ignoring this sound advice.  Avoiding this practice, more than any other, can prevent virus transmission and illness.

Less Crowding

Overcrowding of elevators and stores is unnecessary and a health risk.  While current restrictions are overkill, there is no need for the level of crowding we find in many public spaces and stores.

Booking appointments, showing up no more than ten minutes early, and cancelling if your plans change avoids overcrowding.  Many businesses, including restaurants, are reluctant to require appointments or reservations because so many choose not to show up without cancelling.


Indoor shared spaces can be better designed to allow individuals or small groups to be “physically distant” within a single room.  Exercise equipment can incorporate barriers for some level of self-containment when undertaking physically strenuous activities.


Memories of hoarding and empty store shelves remain vivid.  Being less wasteful and retaining a reasonable backup supply of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and food essentials is more practical and sustainable.